Prusa I3 3D Printer from HIC Technology 

The kit came on the seventh day being shipped from Hong Kong, CN, to Portland, OR, USA.  It arrived about noon.  I assembled it as far as I could go by Friday afternoon.  The kit was missing three items:  The Y axis belt holder, the plenum for the cooling fan on the extruder, and two 3 mm X 40 mm screws.  I emailed HIC Technology through the Amazon web site and got a response within hours.  They are sending me the part by USPS.  I am tracking it now.  It finally got to Los Angeles yesterday ( 2/14/2015 ).

The assembly instructions were supplied by a video.  It was amatuerishly produced but adequate.  I did have to almost start over when I discovered I installed the upright frame backwards and had to half-way disassemble the printer.  I left the major assemblies together.  This took about 30 minutes to correct.  The tools supplied are adequate.  The assembled printer looks very nice.  I have powered up, but did not load any models.  I am waiting for the parts, which should arrive Tuesday.

I received the parts about two weeks after they mailed them. The parts were the correct ones. I used the time on the video when the part was assembled and the name I could find on the web to identify the parts.

After leveling the bed with Cura bed leveling option, I made my first part. A smiling Buddha at quarter scale.  I made a video of it being printed. 

I then thought of all sorts of projects.  I have made whisker pole end for Aventura.  I made new fan plenum for the printer.  I made a box to hold all the membership and rewards cards that will fit in my pocket.

I am making a manifold for an old project of mine.  It's a magneto hydrodynamic deionization idea of mine, I got back in college.  The manifold will take 6 hours to print, so I am waiting for a rainy day here in the northwest to print it.  Should not be long.

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